Framework to choose: Bootstrap vs Foundation

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In today’s blog, we will have a small discussion on website and web design framework used for CSS. So let’s start with understanding the basic understanding of all the three.

Planning for a new website or web design project? with the world’s most popular designing frameworks to create a fully responsive and modern design.

But which to choose: Twitter’s Bootstrap or Foundation by Zurb?

Let’s have a quick view of what the framework is all about.
Framework, A collection of tools for creating websites and mobile applications. The package framework includes files and folders of standardized code like HTML, CSS, etc. Bootstrap and Foundation are the most used front-end CSS framework used by front-end developers.

– Instead of creating code, the framework provides a ready coded from scratch.
– No more making adjustments for pixels, the framework has all the coded files ready for adjustments.

Like we have 2 sides for the coins Framework also has its pros and cons. have a look:
– Since every framework has a standard grid set and selectors for the codes, it gives you some restrictions towards the design. So when you implement a new idea to every design idea, you will have to learn a new framework.
– The extra coding comes up with the list of predefined codes with the framework. You can choose what to use and what not to use depending on the frameworks.

The framework can save your load of data that you used for coding, but then you have to restrict your creativity. You will definitely have to come p with the design ideas that fit the framework’s requirements.

As we have discussed 2 best frameworks used for the designing purpose Bootstrap and Foundation we have. At the same time, they also come up with the restrictions at the end. And as you start the project with the project for bootstrap and foundation or PSD to bootstrap and PSD to the foundation, these points you should keep in mind:

#Bootstrap Development

It is an HTML, CSS and JS framework used for developing responsive and mobile first web designs. Let’s have a quick look at some advantages and disadvantages for using the Bootstrap framework:

– Massive community support
– More themes available
– Browser compatibility
– Leight weight and customizable
– Lesser browser bugs
– Several javascript plugins are used using jQuery
– Enabling Grid structure

So these were the few advantages for a bootstrap framework that why you should go for selecting this framework.

#Foundation Framework

It is also a front-end framework that comes with HTML, CSS, and JS containing design patterns like bootstrap.

Now focusing on the Foundation and its advantages over Bootstrap:

– More of design-it-yourself approach
– No need of adding classes for the responsive or few web style
– More grid system capabilities or flexible grids.
– Centered columns.
– “Collapse” benefit is helping you to easily collapse columns and remove gutters.
– Creates equal sized columns.
– Additional built-in widgets
– Helps you to customize your websites without making it look similar to other websites. It is more like flat design.
– Widgets
– Comes with HTML5 validation library
– Navigation can be placed by side in order to keep it hidden from the website.
– Ready tables that display content for the product prices.
– Multi-lingual website

Coming to the conclusion part,
Front-end framework is ideal for the web designers those who want to build it from scratch and build it quickly. Many sites already use both of the platforms.
According to my opinion, both the frameworks have already grabbed their positions in the market and in the minds of developers too. So you can’t decide which one is better or best. Use according to your conceptual design priority.

I hope this article founds useful!

Thank you

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