Which Ecommerce platform to choose?

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Which Ecommerce platform to choose?

Today I have bought an interesting topic for you if you are thinking of having your own e-commerce web store for your business.

Promptwebsolution provides a multichannel e-commerce platform for your business and lets you choose your best website engine from the multi-channels. To run a small or large business website online presence is always been an aim for the requirement.

As we jump to the e-commerce platform, we get many to choose from like WordPress, Woo-commerce, Shopify, Magento, Codeignitor, Laravel and other languages. Now, from the mentioned you have two choices for the selection like firstly, going for picking up web template and editing them and Secondly, building a custom e-commerce platform, designing according to your idea and imagination.

Now let’s have a look at the platform which is best for your e-commerce store OR which one to choose for your e-commerce store in the future if planning to have an e-commerce web store?

Let’s think technically and have looked in detail. I think choosing a Magento platform is the best way to continue for an e-commerce platform, as it has its own unique features. Here are the benefits, for the Magento e-commerce platform:


Magento is fully customizable but you will need to either be technical or should hire a developer for customizations in the web store. Well as on the other side Bigcommerce and Shopify lets you customize the template by giving access to CSS and HTML but you cannot change the pictures or cannot edit the platform code it has and is a big disadvantage for the online web template.


Features,  Add-ons & Cost-estimation:

Magento is fully customizable and has a wide range of features and add-ons. You can edit or even hire the developer for the minor changes. Cost-estimation ratio with Magento website is negligible and you will have strong support for your plans. Whereas going with an online store you will have wide ration for the cost estimation charges and will have limited features to look after. You will be able to do only a few customizations and changes. You will also face the plans that either does not match your budget or will have charges and tariff plans for the limited time period.


Open Source:

Magento is an open source which means you get more flexibility and full ownership of your site, you will not be locked in somebody else life development cycle. However, the responsibility on you is to maintain and support and has a little recourse if there are bugs with the system, etc. Even the huge community that helps you 24×7 for all your questions. Whereas n the other side online platform uses Saas apps. They itself develop maintain and support the software for you. So cannot have control over what actually gets developed and you can only make few customizations which they provide access to. So there are many limitations.


Your choice of e-commerce engine:

Magento gives you freedom, how you build at the cost of requiring or hiring more technical talent. You get a wide range of web design solutions to choose from. You can get the design your idea and customize them as per your imagination with the help of a developer. Well, as on the other part the design templates you will have to go for choosing the same provided by them. You will also find a similar design scale which other people also use in the market. So, there is no uniqueness.


Managing many channels:

Each of the e-commerce choices come with plugins and add-ons and a variety of tools to help you list and manage each one. The problem with business is that if you want to add or update later any volume or channels or categories than at that phase it creates problems. Now that is the stage where it makes sense to have technology at the backend to act as a central hub.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the article and also got your views on choosing that will be the best for your e-commerce store if you are planning to go for online business. You will find amazing designs and ideas over http://promptwebsolution.com/portfolio So waiting for what let’s build an online store that executes your ides to customers.

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